Student Parking  

Parking permits for one of thirty spaces for WHHS Students may be purchased for the use of the pool's parking lot during the school year. 

2019--2020 Parking Permit Fee: $50

Spaces may be reserved by Pool Members starting  July 1st  

After July 15th we will offer any remaining spaces to non-members


To reserve your space please contact us at on or after the dates listed above.  Once your reservation is received, we will send a response with the date that you can submit your completed Parking Agreement/fee and pickup your Parking Pass.  

Please review Parking Agreement Form and Parking Rules below...




Parking Lot Rules

  • NO LITTERING!! There are trashcans in the parking lot, use them!


  • Permits are valid only for parking on school days during normal school hours (approx. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), NOT for athletic events or on weekends.

  • Students must park in their assigned spaces, as marked on their Parking Permit.

  • Permits must be displayed in the front windshield.

  • Permits are NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you no longer need your parking space you must notify the pool president as there is often a waiting list for spaces. This means you cannot just transfer them to a friend needing a space without notification.

  • If the student changes cars from the one registered at the time of purchasing their permit, they must notify the pool.

  • Students and their families are solely responsible for their own safety, the safety of others in the lot, and the security of their vehicle and personal property.

  • If someone is illegally parked in your assigned space, please notify a Pool representative.

  • Any unauthorized vehicles or those not abiding these rules will be towed at the owner’s expense.

  • If you have been towed please contact a pool representative to find out where you may retrieve your vehicle.

Parking Contact Information

  • Call 864-498-8843 or email